Our Pick of the Best UK Eco Attractions

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Our Pick of the Best UK Eco Attractions

Museums, galleries, theme parks, the beach: We all love going on days out, especially at this time of year. But where are the UK’s most eco-friendly attractions? Here is Spotless’ pick of the best.


Living Rainforest

One of the last places you’d expect to run into the likes of toucans, lizards and monkeys is Berkshire. The Living Rainforest, however, makes this a reality. As the name suggests, a genuine tropical environment has been created here, allowing exotic flora and fauna (in all, over 700 species) to live comfortably, and for visitors to get a true taste of the jungle without having to jet off to the other side of the world. Star attractions include the giant water lilly leaves and endangered Goeldi’s monkeys. Living Rainforest is not your average zoo.

Center for Alternative Technology

Alright, the Centre for Alternative Technology might not have the most exciting name in the world. But the visitor centre built in an old slate quarry in the foothills of Snowdonia, is both intriguing and enlightening. It boasts over seven acres of interactive displays and organic gardens, with a view to promoting sustainable living. Highlights include a the water-balanced funicular, a low-energy house, and Britain’s largest green bookshop. 50,000 visitors flock here each year.

The Eden Project

The jewel in the crown of the UK’s eco attractions, the Eden Project was built in 2000, on the site of a disused clay mineral pit. The iconic biomes can be seen for miles around this area of the Cornish countryside; one of them replicates a Mediterranean climate (filled with the likes of olives and vines), while the other forms a tropical climate (bamboo, coffee and bananas thrive here). Exciting developments at the Eden Project include the new Aerial Forest Walkway, and this year’s Eden Sessions, with bands including Kaiser Chiefs and Sigur Rós set to play.

National Wildflower Centre

British wildflowers are an essential part of our ecosystem, and that’s exactly what visitors to the National Wildflower Centre can learn much more about. This award-winning Merseyside attraction has seasonal displays of over 400 wildflowers, which grow amongst refurbished architecture, new-builds, courtyards and a walled garden. Kids are ably catered for with the likes of a giant beehive (don’t worry, there are no giant bees inside), a tree house, an eco snakes and ladder game, and a musical bluebell sculpture.

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