Eco Friendly Ways To Get Around London

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Eco Friendly Ways To Get Around London

We can often feel guilty about getting around London; while hybrid buses are a step in the right direction, traditional transport is still leaving a huge carbon footprint, and affecting the air we breathe day in, day out. Here, we offer some alternative modes of getting around the capital – some wackier than others.


This two-wheeled mode of transport is becoming ever more popular, thanks to a boost in the popularity of cycling as a sport (thanks London 2012) but also the vast improvements made to London’s cycle network of late. Cycle Superhighways – spokes leading from the outskirts of the city into the centre are opening, offering safer routes into work. TfL has also recently introduced the first of its ‘Quietways’, lanes that “overcome barriers to cycling, targeting cyclists who want to use quieter, low-traffic routes”. We’ll admit it, we’re excited about this brave new world in favour of London’s cyclists.


Sometimes it’s nice to fit in with the cool kids, and while we know that in 20 years time, hoverboard users are going to look back and cringe, this is the way to travel if you’re currently in your mid teens-early 20s, and you live somewhere like Hackney or Brixton. Yes, we know that they don’t really hover (are are hardly boards either), but they also don’t run off petrol, and it beats one of those kiddies scooters hands down.


We’ve seen some rather excellent (if overly ambitious) plans to turn London’s canals into clean swimming lanes, for a refreshing commute. While we reckon this is a way off, you can still use London’s waterways as a route into work, so long as you’ve got a sturdy kayak and the gumption to dodge canal boats and bits of floating litter. Why not go on a kayaking experience on the Regent’s Canal, in preparation. We know one where they give you beer and pizza at the end, to soften the blow.

Driverless Cars

“Hang on a sec”, we hear you say, “have you gone and lost the plot?”. Nope – in fact driverless cars are about to be introduced to Greenwich. The £8 million GATEway project will see a handful of the eco friendly vehicles tested out by brave volunteers, before hundreds of the cars get rolled out at the start of 2018. Any opportunity to be good to the environment AND lazy suits us down to the ground.

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