Cleaning and Eco News: May

Eco Friendly Ways To Get Around London
July 2, 2017

Cleaning and Eco News: May

It’s high time we took a look at what’s been going on recently in the world of cleaning and eco. And it turns out there’s some pretty tasty stuff, including old fashioned cleaning tips and a pair of eco trainers adored by a Hollywood A-lister! 

 Marion Cotillards’s eco trainers

It’s not exactly unusual for a celeb to wax lyrical about a certain clothing product (especially if you’re Kim Kardiashian!) but it’s much rarer for that product to be eco friendly. French film actor Marion Cotillard has just posted a picture of her pineapple print Vreja trainers, which she claims to have had for 10 years. Made from organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon forest, these might just be the greenest shoes on the planet. OK they might cost a lot, but if they last you a decade, it might be worth the investment!

 Tipping coke down the toilet

It’s no secret that we love cheap, old fashioned and eco friendly cleaning tips – so it’s two thumbs up from us for this recent Guardian article in which they clean kitchen taps with a lemon, the bath with grapefruit and salt, and the toilet with coke. Turns out most of these method are very effective – all that is, except trying to get water stains out of wood with olive oil and a hair-dryer. That one’s fighting a lost cause, apparently.

 Bournemouth window cleaner flies to job in Majorca

You know you’re doing a decent job cleaning your client’s windows when they fly you out from Bournemouth, all the way to their holiday home in Majorca. That’s exactly what happened to Luke Rayner, who runs Harvard Window Cleaning. Luke obviously has high standards, as he spent the best part of the week out there. We bet he’s looking for a client with a holiday home in Miami as we speak!

 A print of the eco-friendly usual, please.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all in the world of beer – a brewery in Edinburgh has come up with an eco-friendly brew, using sustainably grown broad beans. Once the beans have been made to produce alcohol, their journey doesn’t end there – they can then be used as animal feed, notably for salmon. Which is ironic really, because we’re rather partial to a bit of salmon served with broad beans… a nice beer to wash it down with wouldn’t go amiss either.

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