We're Covered By Comprehensive Business Insurance, And That Means, Your Are Too

Our cleaning staff is hand-picked and professionally trained to ensure that on-site accidents and errors are minimized. However, in the unlikely event that a mishap or just bad luck should occur - for example, if one of our cleaners is injured or accidentally damages furniture, equipment, belongings, etc., - as shown in the table below, our full insurance coverage will protect you.

Data table of comprehensive business insurance coverage

Insurance Type Coverage
Employers Liability £10,000,000
Public Liability £2,000,000
Treatment Cover £2,000,000
Damage to Property Held in trust £10,000
Financial Loss Extension £50,000
Loss of Keys Extension including Consequential Loss £50,000
Misuse of Customer Telephones £10,000
Fidelity Bonding Extension £25,000

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