Bring the Summer Indoors!

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Bring the Summer Indoors!

We’ve been having some pretty decent weather of late. But when the sunshine is out there, how is is possible to bring it into your home or workplace? We’ve got a few Spotless tips to help you do just that!


It’s simple enough to make your house feel a whole lot fresher and lighter, by changing the upholstery. Dark sofas can be refreshed in a flash either with slip covers, or a simple throw. Summery curtains added to various rooms helps lighten the mood too. The same goes for rugs. Maybe the easiest of all ways to bring a light and airy feel into to a bedroom is to change the bed covers. We recommend creams, yellows, minty greens, and floral patterns.


Windows are a great invention: Make the most of them! As well as letting plenty of fresh air into the room by opening windows, we also recommend you give them a good clean (using the vinegar and newspaper method maybe). This way, you’ll maximize the sunlight that streams in. Another thing you can do is to make some temporary stained glass, stick it onto your window, and watch summery colours flood into the room.

Mini Garden and Beaches

When the weather’s good, most people crave to be outside in the garden or on the beach. Unfortunately that’s not possible when you’re chained to a desk. The answer? Bring the garden or beach indoors! A garden is easily enough accomplished by putting together a few of your favourite plants and flowers. You can make your own herbaceous border too; potted mints, fennel, catnip, and lemon thyme will smell amazing. A pint-sized beach can be created from collected pebbles and shells, either assembled on the desk, or hanging from string above it. For your garden or for your beach, consider investing in a desktop fountain, for that incomparable running water sound.

Summer Smells (the nature way)

The supermarket shelves are currently filled with all kinds of summer scents. But our advice is to do things the organic way; there are oodles of homemade summer nostril-pleasing recipes online; everything from pot pourris, to mists, to odour killers. Lemon, lemongrass, orange, lavender, and mint are some of our favourite summer scents (they are also naturally pungent and long-lasting). You could even use cut grass in a recipe. That is, as long as there are no resident hay fever sufferers!

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