Rainy Day Cleaning Jobs

Bring the Summer Indoors!
July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Rainy Day Cleaning Jobs

Watching Wimbledon last week really brought home how unpredictable the British summer can be. For all those rained off walks, picnics, and sunbathing sessions, there’s something else you can be doing back home – cleaning! Yup, rainy days are the perfect excuse to get round to those chores that have been waiting in the wings for half a lifetime.

Cleaning the Cleaning Equipment

First things first! Maximum cleanliness can only be achieved by using cleaning equipment that is itself clean. Throw out any old dish clothes and dusters, give the vacuum cleaner a proper empty, treat yourself to a new toilet brush, and give your brush and dustpan a good wash. Believe us, it’ll make you want to get busy cleaning.

Getting behind things

Still raining outside? Good. Now is the ideal moment to pull out the cooker, the fridge, the washing machine, bookshelf, dresser, and anything else that’s stood up against a wall. What you see isn’t always going to be pretty, but it’s always better to face the truth. By scrubbing and/or dusting all these hidden nooks and crannies, you can put you mind at ease, knowing there isn’t one putrid patch in your entire household. Bravo!

Brightening up the upholstery

Sofa slip covers, curtains, rugs and lampshades are often neglected in the run-of-the-mill cleaning session. Your rainy day inside guarantees you’ll have enough time to give them all a thorough going over. Obviously make sure you know how to clean each thing (for instance, don’t chuck an entire Ikea lamp into the washing machine).

Buffing up bits and bobs

There are countless little things around the house that can do with a little bit of attention. Take door handles for instance; how many times have you given them a clean and polish? And yet how many times a day do you use them? Exactly. The same goes for light switches and sockets too. The insides of drawers (whether containing cutlery, socks, or anything else) are often left uncleaned for yonks. Now’s your chance to change that!

Gutting the Gutters

Stopped raining? How are the gutters looking? Overflowing all over the garden path we bet. Now is a great time to get on a ladder (taking the utmost of care, of course), and scooping out all that gunk that’s accumulated over the months and years (don’t worry, most of it is just moss). Next time it rains, you can smugly watch your immaculate gutters from the comfort of your immaculate home. Well done you.

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