How to Clear Out Your Shed

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How to Clear Out Your Shed

Got a garden shed that you want to get lovely and tidy for the summer? Here are some Spotless tips to make sure you see the job through!


Pick a nice day for it

Check the forecast ahead of the big event to see when the weather’s going to be on your side. If it starts to rain an hour or so into your shed-tidying adventure, you’re probably going to chuck everything back in and abandon the job altogether. In case it does rain, place the shed’s contents on a big waterproof sheet laid out on the ground. That way, you can wrap everything up if the heavens open.

work your way inwards

The temptation is to tackle the mess haphazardly; you should try at all costs to avoid this. How? Simply start clearing stuff nearest to the door and work your way towards the back of the shed. Not only will this keep you focussed, there’s infinitely less danger you’ll trip over things too. Bonus!

Dont shift things about

You’re clearing things out of the shed for a reason. If you start deciding to keep everything, and simply move some stuff into the loft, it’s not really a sorting session at all! Be brutal, and remember that one man’s junk is another’s treasure e.g. you can always sell unwanted items at a car boot or online.

Get Scrubbing

Once you’ve finally gutted the entire shed, give it a cleaning the likes of which it’s never seen before! Let’s face it, you probably won’t be doing this for another five or so years; get busy with the car vacuum, the brush and dustpan, a broom, a mop – the works! Aim to have your shed smelling and looking as clean as you’d want your bathroom to.

Plan the new layout

When you know what you’re keeping, plan how you’re going to put it back in. This way, you’re not just randomly stacking bits and bobs on top of each other; instead, you’ve got an ergonomic shed, in which you know exactly where to find the weedkiller, the small hammer, and the BBQ!

Spruce up the outside too

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts! Once the interior of your shed is immaculate, finish it off in style with a new coat of varnish, or even a colourful lick of paint. That way, every time you look out into the garden, you can remember what a successful day you had clearing out the shed. A hanging basket adds a splash of summer style too.

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