Top tree theming tips!

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Top tree theming tips!

Make the other Xmas firs green with envy…

We can avoid it no longer – it’s December and Christmas is imminent. Assuming you’re not one of those freaks who have already cracked out the decorations and decked the halls (and living room and kitchen), we’ve got some great ideas for theming your Christmas tree.

The Victorian Tree

It was the Victorians who started this whole Christmas tree lark, and decorating yours in the old-fashioned style will bring a touch of class to your living room. Of course, Victorian trees often used candles instead of fairy lights; you can either buy look-a-like lights, or use real candles, provided you’re keeping a close eye on them. Once that’s decided on, there’s a whole host of Victorian festoons to choose from. Make your own marzipan fruits, and pouches of dried nuts and fruits; create paper fans and crackers; tie on whistles, toy soldiers, gilded pinecones and bows. Add icicle-shaped blown glass. Remember, the best Victorian trees are unashamedly cluttered and colourful.

The Kids’ Tree

When it comes to the Christmas tree, kids are gagging to get involved. You can buy special kits to do make decorations, or go full-on homemade and make them from scratch. If you decide on the latter, how about painting egg shells with festive scenes, folding foil stars, pipe-cleaner candy canes and baking Xmas shaped dough decorations. Another thing you can for your Kids’ Tree is to wrap up mini presents, to be opened each day on the lead-up to the big 2-5. This will work well as blackmail for good behaviour if the Santa rouse is becoming jaded!

The Sci-fi Tree

For starters, the usual green fir look isn’t going to work. We advise you buy an artificial tree that’s a brash colour (say, white, silver or blue), or go one step further and plump for a fibre optic jobbie. Then it’s time to get decorating: Silver’s always a good colour if you’re using tinsel. Swap the baubles for CDs (alright they’re not exactly futuristic, but they do look great). Instead of the traditional angel or star at the top, how about building a space rocket from the inside of a roll of kitchen paper? Who says Blue Peter was a waste of time…

The Candy Tree

The festive season might be about presents, goodwill, and placing a bet with William Hill that it’ll snow on Christmas Day. But there’s one thing it means to us more than anything else – FOOD! Therefore, why not create your very own (semi) edible tree? The obvious accoutrements are striped candy canes (easy to find in the shops), wrapped chocolate shapes (ditto), and iced gingerbread men (of which you should bake a few batches in the weeks leading up Christmas, for the sake of freshness). Satsumas make perfect bauble substitutes, while candy necklaces can be wrapped around the branches. This tree guarantees you’ll have a very delicious Christmas!

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