The weirdest cleaning products around

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

The weirdest cleaning products around

Would you turn your baby into a mop?

Tired of the scrubbing floor? Perhaps it’s time you got your child kitted out in a Baby Mop onesie! Here, we introduce you to some of the strangest cleaning tools on the market. Whether or not any end up your Christmas list is another matter…


Baby Mop

When you have a busy family household, it stands to reason that everyone chips in and does their bit to keep things clean. In the opinion of the makers of the Baby Mop, that duty even extends to infants who are yet to learn how to walk properly. In fact, the Baby Mop relies on the concept of your baby scrabbling about on the floor like a mad thing, while the mop heads attached to the arms and legs buff up your floor. Baby Mop’s manufacturers say your child “will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too.” Any takers?

FOKI cleaner shoe

If you don’t possess an infant to take advantage of, treat yourself to a pair of FOKI cleaning shoes. These bizarre – and incredibly ugly – plastic clogs have rotary cleaners attached to the bottom, so that as you potter about the house (presumably every single inch of it for an effective clean), they get rid of dust and bacteria. There’s even an LED display on the side to alert you as to when you need to plug them in. It’s just as well the FOKI cleaner shoe isn’t designed to leave the house; if anyone saw you sporting a pair, you’d never live it down.

Cuddly cleaning

It’s no surprise that the Japanese are connoisseurs of the crazy cleaning market (they came up with every product on this list by the way). All things cute and cuddly are adored over there, but isn’t it taking things a bit far when you start dressing up your window cleaner bottle as a furry animal that ‘spits’ water? Apparently not. It’s also not considered unusual to get into those hard-to-reach corners with a cuddly toy jammed onto the end of a stick. That kind of thing is sure to upset any kids in the house. Unless they’re too busy scrubbing the floor in their Baby Mop.


The robot vacuum cleaner might be nothing new, but Sharp’s latest offering – which goes by the name of Cocorobo – is the most exciting yet.  A built-in camera means that the plucky little bot sends a live stream to your phone, proving it’s actually getting on with the job in hand, and maybe even locating that lost pair of socks too. You can programme Cocorobo to clean a designated area of the house, but you can also steer it manually via your phone (imagine doing the vacuuming while sat on the bus!). Cocorobo will also let you know how it’s getting on if you ask it (in one of its three languages). Then again, at a cost of £1,000, you’d probably hope your vacuum cleaner was multilingual.

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