The Best Books About Cleaning

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

The Best Books About Cleaning

Looking for a good summertime read, but feel guilty you’re not getting on with the cleaning? It’s actually possible to do both at the same time! Spotless has cherrypicked its all-time favourite books about cleaning. Enjoy in the park, on the beach, or out in the garden. When you’ve worked your way through the lot, you’ll be a new-born cleaning guru!

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

Let’s begin with an undisputed classic. Isabella Beeton is often described as the Delia Smith of her day. While this book does indeed include many a toothsome recipe, it’s also jam packed with Victorian cleaning tips. Spotless doffs its hat to many of these, because they’re eco-friendly, just the way we like our cleaning. Oh, and Mrs Beeton isn’t quite the stuffy writer you might expect, either.

The Cleaning bible: Kim and Aggie’s guide to Modern Household Management

Love ’em or loathe em’, Kim and Aggie certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to sorting out serious mess. The Cleaning Bible is an extensive how-to for all those tricky situations; everything from chewing gum on the sofa, to Biro on a skirt, to smeared windows is solved here.

Clean like a Man: Housekeeping for Men (and the Women who love them)

Having problems with your husband or boyfriend’s cleanliness? Or perhaps you are a husband, boyfriend or bachelor who admits it’s finally to seek help? Clean Like a Man educates the “the attention-challenged and motivation-impaired male”, telling them how to spruce up the house their way. Spotless reckons this one might just be a life-changer…

The Green Home Cleaning Guide: Clean your Home the Easy and Natural way in Lessthan 30 Minutes a day

Hooray! Here’s a book that tells you how to keep your cleaning habits green, and get them out of the way quickly. Topics covered in this must-buy book include ’10 cleaning supplies that you absolutely have to have’, ‘What maids and professional cleaners know that you don’t’, and ‘The 4 green cleaning products that will allow you to get rid of all of your commercial chemical cleaners’. What a gem.

Good Housekeeping the Complete Household Handbook : The best way to clean, Maintain and organize your Home

This publication goes beyond simple cleaning tips. If you want to be in possession of a perfect household, there’s a lot you’ll need to know. Good Housekeeping puts all this information at your fingertips. Everything from removing wallpaper, to keeping your family safe, is covered. Colour-coded and easy to understand, we like this book a lot, lot, lot!

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