New Baby? You Can Still Have a Clean House!

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

New Baby? You Can Still Have a Clean House!

Spotless has no doubt that the parents of the new royal baby will have plenty of help keeping things around the palace clean and tidy. But what if you don’t have all those footmen, butlers and nannies? Here are a few tips for staying clean and organized with your new arrival.

Make use  of  nap time

When the baby’s taking their afternoon or morning nap, then is the time to do a bit of cleaning. Even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes, they’re not going to be making mess in that time, so you’ll definitely be making progress! Just save the vacuuming for when they’re awake…

Don’t fred over Ironing

You baby isn’t going to disown you for not ironing their onesie. Although it’s nice to iron certain items of clothing, there’s absolutely no need to have everything perfectly flattened. They’re only going to crease it up again anyway.

Make use of the carrier

Need to get some essential cleaning done but don’t want to leave the baby alone? Put them in the carrier and get on with your chores. Who knows, being so close to the cleaning action, your baby might pick up a few good habits for when they’re in their teens!

The Sheet Trick

One of our favourite baby-savvy tips is the sheet trick. Instead of going to the trouble of constantly changing sheets on the cot, layer it with three or four. That way, every time you need to change to sheets, just whisk the top one off, and hey presto – job done!

Prep the Highchair

Outside the nappy department, there is no messier place than the highchair. It’s not just the chair that gets mucky, but everything within throwing distance. Before every mealtime, lay down newspaper, or an old sheet under the chair. That way, whatever food-based missiles hit the ground can instantly be cleared up and washed or thrown away.

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