Stocking Fillers for Clean Freaks

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Stocking Fillers for Clean Freaks

Forget the satsumas and Toblerones! If you really want to impress your clean freak of a partner/friend/relative, then you’ve got to get them a present they’ll really cherish. We’ve come up with some awesome ideas for squeaky clean stocking fillers.

 Cleaning the House

Fan of the Simpsons (let’s face it, who isn’t?) Make washing up in 2014 infinitely more fun with this Marge washing up brush. A great present for the household in the lead-up the Christmas is a set of these Christmas pudding bin bags. Unfortunately they don’t smell like Christmas puddings… We also adore this cherry toilet brush (again, we don’t think it smells like cherry, but never mind). These Magic Balls from Lakeland have received rave reviews for their ability to clean vases, bottles, jars and glasses. And they fit perfectly into a stocking. Result!

 Cleaning the Office

Is your work colleague the messiest desk eater in the world? This year, get them this mini vacuum cleaner, which will get rid of sandwich crumbs in an instant. Another brilliant secret Santa stocking filler for the office is this screen cleaning kit. Otherwise, go the whole hog and get this PC cleaning kit. This set of tropical desktop air fresheners will keep your neighbour’s work zone smelling fresh right through until next Christmas.

 Cleaning the Car

Car fanatics are usually fanatical about cleaning their cherished motors too. Although you’ll have difficulty fitting this car valeting set into a stocking, it will certainly be appreciated by any beloved petrolhead. Air fresheners are ideal for putting into stocking; there’s no shortage of choice, but we think these Top Gear Stig ones will go down especially well. And this bodywork and wheels kit makes another superb stocking filler.

 Cleaning Yourself

For the metrosexual man who also loves his beer, this ‘Washweiser’ wash bag is ideal for carrying all the necessary bits and bobs around (just make sure he’s not stashing actual beer in there). Soap is a safe bet when it comes to stocking fillers. Our faves available this year include Pac Man soapLego soap, and this incredibly decadent looking chocolate gateau soap from Travelling Souk. Girls will love this comprehensive bath and body spa bumper pack, which includes a pedicure pod, oils, sponge, massaging tool and more.

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