How to Stay Clean and Fresh While Travelling

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July 2, 2017
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How to Stay Clean and Fresh While Travelling

Being on the move poses a double threat to cleanliness and hygiene. Not only are you more likely to be exposed to germs, dirt and the like, but you also have less tools at your disposal to deal with them. Here, we look at the handiest products and methods to make sure you stay fresh as a daisy on all your travels!

Dryer Sheets

If you’re travelling for any length of time, your suitcase/bags and clothes (even if clean) are going to start ponging a little. The ingenious way to combat this is by simply popping one or two dryer sheets into your luggage. This will work as a localized air freshener, and welcome you with a lovely scent every time you unzip your luggage. Sweet!


A small bottle of antibacterial cleaner can be a lifesaver, sometimes literally. Although it’s always good to use soap and hot water wherever you can (public and planes loos for example) there’s nothing that kills germs like antibacterial gel. This stuff is also remarkably handy when you’re eating where there are no places to wash your hands (say, if you’re eating from a market, or are camping in the wild). Because you can get anti-bac in hand luggage-friendly size, we say there’s no excuse not to have it on you!

Minty Freshness

Breath can get really stinky on your travels, especially in dry confined spaces like planes and public transport. Do your neighbour a favour by stocking up your pockets with mints and gum. For proper teeth scrubbing on the go, get yourself a packet of Colgate Wisps; miniature toothbrushes which do the same job as a normal size one. Cleaning your teeth on a train is something you have to do at least once in your life!

Hair Freshener

A favourite tip of ours; if you find yourself sans shampoo, rub a little baking soda into your hair, then rinse it our with clean water. This is a surprisingly effective way of refreshing your locks, and ideal if you’re only taking hand luggage, and therefore couldn’t pack a bottle of shampoo. Baking soda is equally good for deodorizing your shoes; if your trip involves a lot of walking and sweaty feet, a pinch of the white powder is a godsend.

Stain Removal

Stains to your clothing while travelling can be a nightmare if you don’t have instant access to a washing machine. The answer? Take a stain removal pen with you. That way, in the event of a spillage, you can treat the worst of the damage before seeking out a more thorough wash in your own time. It’ll really put your mind at rest.

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