Snow go!

Bust the dust!
July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Snow go!

Don’t let the white stuff hinder your day

So, not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be quite a lot of white stuff outside at the moment. Snow can be fun, but it’s also a nuisance. It slows you down, causes a mess, and can even be hazardous. We’ve got some tips for you on how to clear the snow from your path and car, and how to banish it altogether from your house. Enjoy!

Finding the path again

When it’s freezing cold outside, it’s always nice to be able to get into your house. But that isn’t always easy when there’s five inches of snow piled in front of your doorway. That’s why it’s important to keep your path clear. The first trick is to get up early, and start clearing the snow while it hasn’t yet had time to compact. When shovelling, place the snow either side of the path to create a sort of miniature wall. There will always be a temptation to pour hot water over the snow and ice: don’t do it! This is a short-term solution that will create black ice and make the path extra slippery. Once you can actually see your path again, sprinkle over table salt or sand. The first of these is better if you have it, as now only will it create a grip, it’ll ensure the path does not refreeze.

Clearing the car

If conditions are snowy but still safe enough to drive to work, you’ll have to give your car the once-over. You’ll also need a few tools, namely a good pair of gloves, a soft-bristled brush, an ice scraper and de-icer or hot water and a shovel. If the doors aren’t frozen shut, turn on the engine, and warm up the windows. Next, brush off all the snow (you could actually get into police trouble if they decide you’ve left a dangerous amount of snow on your vehicle). Now scrape the windows clear, using the de-icer or hot water (don’t forget to do the wing mirrors too). Finally, before you set off, brush any obstructed lights and registration plates, and if there’s excess snow around the wheels, shovel it away, so you don’t get stuck.

Keeping it out of the house

For something so pure and white, snow can be incredibly dirty. If you’re not careful then your floors and furniture will soon become covered with grubby marks. If you don’t already have a boot scraper outside the front door, you can improvise. The Gardener’s World website tells you how to put together a great DIY boot scraper, using a log and a piece of slate. If that seems too much like hard work, you can simply use an old butter knife to scrape excess snow off the bottom of your footwear.  Get people to take off their boots and shoes as soon as they’re in the house. Lay down newspaper or an old rug, setting this aside as the area for people to leave their footwear while the snow melts off.

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