New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

2014 is here, so it’s time to come up with some up with some New Year’s cleaning (and eco) resolutions that will genuinely make a difference around the house. Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way.

Bulk buy your Cleaning products

Think how much time you spend each year buying cleaning products. Now to mention how much you spend on these. Take an afternoon early in the year to bulk buy the likes of washing up liquid, floor cleaner, vacuum bags, cloths, soap and the like. That way, you’ll have plenty of cleaning products to hand throughout the year, plus you’ll make savings by purchasing in larger quantities. Store your cleaning arsenal in a cupboard or out in the garden shed.

 Write up your schedules

At Christmas, you usually receive a lot of calendars and diaries. Make the most up these by using them up to draw up dedicated schedules. What do we mean by schedules? Well, for one thing, now is the best time to plan important cleaning dates in the year: set yourself a deadline to get the shed cleared out, the freezer defrosted, the attic sorted, etc. You can also create monthly cleaning rotas, making sure that everyone in the household gets their fair share of washing up, vacuuming and the like. Another kind of schedule you can create is a planting one: find out when various vegetables and fruits need to be sown. That way, you’ll have a garden that keeps on giving, year-round.

 Become cleaning tip savvy

When you’ve got a few cleaning tips up your sleeve, you can get the job done faster, not to mention more effectively. We’re always posting tips on the Spotless World Cleaning blog, but you can also find thousands online, and in books (maybe spend some of your Christmas money on one of these). The more tips you learn, the more liable you are to forget them, so why not write down your faves in a book or computer document, that you can access any time you face a cleaning emergency in the house!

 Do something in your Community

Charity starts at home, and so does cleaning. But don’t forget there are oodles of clean-up projects you can get involved with in your own community. Make a vow to yourself that you’ll do at least one or two things a year, whether it’s tidying up the local park, painting the inside of a local school, or even petitioning to an MP to have better cleaning facilities in your area. Who knows, you might become a proper cleaning hero!

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