Latest Gadgets from the World of Cleaning: Our Three Faves

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Latest Gadgets from the World of Cleaning: Our Three Faves

Cleaning can be a tiresome business, whether it’s scrubbing the kitchen floor, or getting the grub out of your clothes. That’s why it’s always exciting when a new gadget comes along to lighten the load. Here we take a look at a few gizmos which have been in the news recently.

Cleaning Drones

Drones have something of a bad name, in that they’re synonymous with warfare and spying. But wait! Who’s to say we can’t have have drones that are unanimously for the common good? We’re talking about Electrolux Design Lab’s Mab; a spherical device which scans a room, decides how dirty it is, then releases 908 (yes, 908) tiny robots loaded with cleaning solution. Even better, the tiny drones have solar panels for wings, so are environmentally friendly too. Okay, the Mab isn’t out on the mainstream market yet. But sign us up on the waiting list please!

HOM-BOT Square

Can’t wait for the drones? Sate your appetite for now with LG’S HOM-BOT Square; the latest robot vacuum cleaner on the market. The main design change in this particular robot is its shape; the fact that it’s square means it fits into corners much better than previous models (although it does make you wonder why the designers didn’t think of that before…). Apparently cleaning efficiency is up by 89% over the previous model; nothing to be scoffed at. That must be why it costs almost £500…

Self-Cleaning T-Shirt

Earlier this year, we told you about the self-cleaning shirt. So it was only a matter of time before the self-cleaning T-shirt came along. This has been created by the Polish brand of Tide, and is aimed firmly at students (let’s face it, they’ve been waiting for this invention for decades). When it gets dirty, all students need to do is place their T-shirt in water. As a label inside says, “Don’t let your mommy cry when she sees you in this t-shirt again. When dirty, put into water and let Tide do the rest.” There is one flaw, however: the self-cleaning agent only works once. After that, you’ll have to bring ‘mommy’ back into the frame.

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