Eco Round-up

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Eco Round-up

There’s been lots happening in the eco world of eco late, so we’ve decided to distil the best of it into this week’s blog. Eco driving, eco thriller novels, and eco Oscars outfits all feature. Enjoy!

 On your marks, Get Set, Eco!

Fuel-burning F1 racing surely isn’t the greenest of sports, so it’s good to see that this year’s championship is going to witness a significant reduction in petrol consumption. 1.6 turbo hybrid engines have been introduced for 2014, which basically means that cars will only be able to carry 100kg of fuel, as opposed to the 140-145kg they carried in the previous season. Inevitably, not everyone seems to be happy with the new rules. But we think it’s a step in the right direction. Especially as the Grand Prix may be coming to London soon!

 2014’s Most Fashionable Colour: Green

A few weeks back, we published a blog on where to buy fetching, eco-friendly threads. It was great then, to see sustainable outfits being sported at this year’s Oscars. Actors Kellan Lutz and Olga Kurylenko paired up at the ceremony on Sunday to show off eco evening wear created by the same designer, namely Red Carpet Green Dress. Both actors looked great (even if Lutz’s tuxedo did look a little creased). We predict there’ll be a rush on these eco-friendly clothes now they’ve made the Academy Awards red carpet.

 Country’s most eco-friendly house to be demolished?

In slightly more concerning eco news, a couple from Devon who spent five years constructing an eco house now face losing it after it was revealed they skipped the planning permission procedure. Jules Smith and Matthew Lepley built their eco abode from scrap material, and didn’t use a single power tool during the whole process. The house has no electricity or running water; instead the eco couple uses candles, paraffin lamps and a compost toilet. It would be a huge shame to see such a great premises torn down. But it does go to show that planning permission is pretty important!

 The eco technology show

Preparations are well under way for one of the UK’s premiere eco showcases. The Eco Technology Show runs from 26-27 June at the Brighton Centre, and will look at everything from energy management, to building, to transport, to technology & resource efficiency. Greg Barker, Minister of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change is a keynote speaker at the event, and tickets are free. Well worth a look-in, we reckon.

 Eco thriller!

When you think of thriller novels, the first thing that springs to mind probably isn’t eco fuels. But Russell Hunter, former editor of the Worcester News, has just published Solid Oil – a novel set in the shady world of eco-terrorism. Says Hunter, “The story revolved around the pursuit of lithium, a light metallic element used in batteries and nuclear bombs and found in rainforests. There is a Vietnamese gangster after the precious resource and the first woman U.S president who has her own plans for it.” Sound like your kind of story? You can purchase Solid Oil here.

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