Eco Hotels: Our Absolute Faves

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Eco Hotels: Our Absolute Faves

With the weather as it is right now, you’re probably thinking about going on holiday. As we all know, travelling leaves a big carbon footprint, you’ll have a clearer conscience if you can offset it. Here’s our pick of the best eco hotels around the world. Check-in to one of these, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment while enjoying an awesome stay.

 Sun Ranch, Montana

For those who want a taste of the Great Outdoors (and to keep their eco conscience in tact too) the traditional wooden lodges at Sun Ranch, Montana are the ideal choice. Here, in the Madison Valley, you’re surrounded by elk, antelope, moose, bears – not to mention mountainous scenery that is sure to make you sigh with wonder every time you step outside. The people who run Sun Ranch put a lot of time and care into looking after the surrounding environment: 97% of the ranch is under conservation easement.

 Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, Costa Rica

This strikingly beautiful hotel offers visitors a luxurious and sustainable boutique hotel experience. Rooms come equipped with Jacuzzi baths, king beds with bamboo linens and private verandas overlooking the verdant Central Valley, which has volcanoes perched above it. The resort uses pulp from its coffee as fertilizer, underground electric systems (which don’t interfere with the local environment) and serves organic veggies on its menu.

Whitepod, Switzerland

The accommodation at Whitepod may look like huge golf balls half-buried in the snow, but in fact each pod is a luxury camping style bedroom. Big fluffy beds and wood burning stoves will keep you toasty at night, but the best thing is undoubtedly the view across the Swiss Alps from the terrace. Each pod is low impact – meaning they make minimal use of water and electricity.

 Raintree Forest Eco Lodge & Spa, Queensland

Staying in the heart of the tropical rainforest is an idyllic notion – but there’s always the concern that you’ll upset the surrounding ecosystem. That’s not an issue at the Daintree Rainforest Eco Lodge & Spa in Queensland, Australia. The tree house style lodges are nestled under the forest’s canopy, and are built entirely from natural materials. The spa’s products utilize the pure rainwater that falls here as well as superfine ochres, also sourced on-site. In fact the entire resort is naturally and culturally ethical.

 Chumbe Island Coral park, Zanzibar

Seeking to get away from it all? Chumbe Island Coral Park is a private nature reserve with coral reef sanctuary, and a forest reserve that harbours rare and endangered animals. There’s also a visitor and education centre, a small eco-lodge, nature trails and historical ruins. What we love most about the retreat though, is its approach to sustainability. The only water used here is rainwater, electricity is generated through solar power, and the toilets are composting ones. In fact, stay at Chumbe Island Coral Park and you’d struggle to damage the environment however hard you tried!

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