4 Apps That Will Save Your House

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4 Apps That Will Save Your House

We’re a big fan of apps at Spotless, especially the ones which help you keep everything shipshape at home, even if you lead an extra-busy life. We’ve picked out our fave apps for keeping your home clean and tidy. We think we’ve even got one that will keep your kids in check…


Sometimes cleaning chores seem so overwhelming, they simply become a big jumble in your head, and you end up forgetting some, and running out of time to do others. HomeRoutines allows you to create a custom checklist, and will remind you as and when you need to get onto various household chores. When the chore’s ticked off the list, the app remembers when it has to be done next (and won;t bother you again until then). If you get everything done, it rewards you with a gold star (which you can choose to get excited about if you wish).



Often on this blog, we encourage you to go through your home clutter, and pass it on to a better home. If you don’t have much time on your hands though, that can seem like a chore too far. Enter the Rumgr app; it’s a brilliant example of used goods marketing; advertise what you want to get rid of, and people based near you searching for similar items will be alerted. Of course, if you’re looking to buy a bargain for your own pad (without having to travel miles to collect it), you can do that too.


Good Housekeeping@ Home

Spilt something on the carpet, and need to know how to get rid of it fast? Sounds like a job for Goodhousekeeing @Home. This nifty little app is divided into handy sections including ‘Stain Buster’ and ‘Do-It-All Cleaning’. From here, it’s easy to pick out the exact cleaning task you’ve got on your hands, and how to get it done. Their ‘Home Decor Gallery’ is great for inspiration too.



Anyone with kids about the house will know how detrimental they can be to its tidiness. You’ll also know how much of a godsend it is when you can actually get them to do the odd chore for you. That wasn’t always easy, until iRewardChart arrived. This iPad app cleverly keeps tabs on what your child has done (e.g. the washing up), and what their reward is for doing it (an hour of TV). It’s easy to use, looks great, and will make both you and the kids happier bunnies. Result!


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