Winter Cleaning is a Thing Too!

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Winter Cleaning is a Thing Too!

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The spring clean may be a way off, but the cold, dull months of January and February are the perfect time to sort through things and give your place a good spruce-up. Here are some top tips on how to do that.

 Make those windows Frost-Free

It’s lovely waking up on a crisp Sunday morning and gazing out of the window knowing you haven’t got to go anywhere. It’s less fun when said window is frosted over so that you can’t see a darned thing. Not to worry – there’s a simple solution; mix warm water with a dash of rubbing alcohol, and wash the windows before nightfall. Hey presto, next morning – a wintry view! What do you MEAN the view is your neighbour’s fence?!

 Go through the Winter Wardrobe

Right. Which gloves/coat/hat/scarf are you wearing, and which haven’t you put on since 1998? Now that it’s properly cold, you should know EXACTLY which togs are bound for the charity shop. And because so much of that winter gear is so thick, you’ll be amazed how much wardrobe/under-the-bed space you free up. Now is also the time to get rid of those dodgy jumpers you’ve been getting for Christmas for the past 15 years.

 Rootle through those Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no WAY you’re going to be rustling through the kitchen cupboards in the middle of June, so now, that’s right – NOW, is the time to clear out those expired packets of cuppa soup, the off baking soda and the stale spice rack. Remember, if you haven’t touched any of this stuff in a while, chances are you won’t need to re-buy it.

 Next: The medicine cabinet

Recovered from sorting the kitchen? Good, because your next mission (and you WILL choose to accept it) is to take on the medicine cabinet. This time of year, the family is full of all kinds of nasty illnesses, and there’s nothing worse than finding a bottle of nasal spray, only to find it’s empty. Clear out anything that looks faintly iffy, and make a list of medicines you need to stock up on for the winter months.

 And finally: The Computer

Nope, we don’t mean giving the screen a wipe (although you might as well do that too). If it’s too cold for you to even leave your desk (or bed, if you’re especially lazy) why not clean your computer’s hard drive. File away all those files neatly, uninstall programmes you’ve only ever used once and go through the endless holiday snaps, deleting all the ones which have got your thumb in it, and saving all the goodies, to print out and savour.

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