Where to Stay Fit and Fresh in London

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Where to Stay Fit and Fresh in London

Now that we’re well into January, the New Year’s resolutions begin dropping by the wayside. What you need, we reckon, is a little inspiration for staying fit and healthy. London has got plenty of places and initiatives to ensure you do just that. Read this, and hopefully you’ll be in great shape by Easter!

 Staying off the Drink

Booze is the blight of many a New Year’s resolution. If you’ve promised yourself you’ll stay dry for January, you may well be gagging for a tipple right around now. Stave off your alcohol cravings by making use of one of London’s teetotal options. Redemption in west London is a great drink option: mocktails here include the coco-tina and elderflower and lemon fizz. Twinings in central London welcomes you to pull up a chair at the small bar at the back of the shop, and taste a few of their brews. Otherwise there’s no end of independent coffee shops: Try Paper & CupRapha Cycle Club, or The Attendant (which used to be a Victorian loo!).

 Eat Healthy

While you’re keeping off the drink, make sure you’re eating right too. Though London is filled with naughty eating options, there’s no shortage of healthy ones. Sushi is a wonderful way to fill yourself up without piling on the pounds. Avoid the usual chains and head for somewhere like Sapporo in Catford or Pham Sushi near Old Street. Amico Bio on Cloth Fair does scrumptious gluten-free, vegetarian and organic fare, such as couscous with apple and figs, and borlotti bean ragout. Need salad? Try a bespoke one from Sumo Salad, or dine at Cafe Below where they do a tasty fennel, blood orange and pea shoot salad.

 Get Training!

It’s too late to apply for this year’s London Marathon (although you can watch it in April) , but there are many other 2014 events you can start prepping yourself for right now. Wrap Up and Run Crystal Palace 2014 is in March. It’s only 10k (which means you don’t have to be uber fit to compete), and it’s cheaper to enter than the Marathon. Following that in May it’s the British Red Cross’ Red Shoe Walk. Okay, you probably don’t need much training for this per se, but making yourself walk a few miles each day before it will make sure there are no nasty strains on the day itself. The Great London Swim is in August: start preparing now by putting in a few dozen lengths each week.

Swimming Pools

While we’re on the subject of swimming… In a past blog, we already mentioned some of the city’s best outdoor swims. Right now, you probably fancy taking a dip somewhere a bit more, well, indoors. We reckon there’s nothing like a beautiful pool to inspire you to swim and stay there longer. Head to Marshall Street Leisure Centre in Soho (the pool is lined with marble, and it’s cheap too!), Camberwell Leisure Centre (home to another gorgeous pool), or Central YMCA; the pool here is 25-metres long, and there’s a great café in which to unwind afterwards.

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