How to Speed Up the Spring Clean

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July 2, 2017
Unsung Cleaning Heroes of London
July 2, 2017

How to Speed Up the Spring Clean

With British Summer Time in full swing, your spring clean should be done by now. Then again, it’s been a hectic Easter holiday, so perhaps not. For those in need of a nudge, here are our tips for speeding up the spring clean process (and hopefully getting it done by Christmas!)

 Save the date

The annual spring clean is one of the easiest things to put off. Somehow, there’s always something more interesting to do. Ring off a day in the calendar (in pen), abandon all social commitments and tell yourself it’s going to get done!

 Spend on Cleaning Materials

A spring clean means doing it thoroughly and properly. If you’ve only got a handful of wet wipes to work with, the results are going to be unsatisfactory. Make a list of all the cleaning products you need (check out the Spotless shop), and buy them ahead of the big day. Not only will you be well-equipped, but because you’ve spent the money, you’ll be more determined to do a solid cleaning job.

 Choose your Cleaning Soundtrack

There’s nothing like music to get you moving. Create a spring clean soundtrack to put you in a good mood (and help you forget you’re plunging the bathroom sink). Need some ideas? A clean theme is always a winner. We suggest So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast; Sly and the Family Stone’s That’s Pretty Clean; When I’m Cleaning Windows by George Formby (it’s a must!); Betty Wright’s awesome Clean Up Woman (okay, the context’s different but it still works); and Kool & the Gang’s Fresh.

 Have a Cleaning Party

Know that’s it’s not going to get done on your own? Call round some good friends, put on your newly-compiled cleaning soundtrack, and get down to it. Your place will be clean and tidy in no time. Then you can get stuck into some well-deserved refreshments. Of course, you’ll then have to reciprocate the favour next weekend. But the cleaning is much more likely to be enjoyable. And you’ll have the cleanest houses in the neighbourhood.

Call in the Experts

If you really can’t face doing the spring clean, or you really don’t have the time, consider calling in a cleaning company. Make a sliding priority list of what needs to be tackled. That way, even if you’re only paying for a few hours, you know the major things will get done. Then you can go around and apply the finishing touches (the hard stuff like arranging flowers and adjusting cushions). Spring clean sorted!

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