Eco-friendly Websites: 7 of the Best

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Eco-friendly Websites: 7 of the Best

Constantly on the look out for green fashion tips, eco news and sustainable living ideas? The internet has no shortage of these – it’s simply a case of knowing where to look. Here’s our compilation of the 7 best eco-friendly websites. Know other great ones? Please share in the comments section!


The US-based site Treehugger is an excellent place to get your fill of eco news, even if some of it is from State-side. You can find out about everything from the latest eco car designs, to futuristic folding toilets. The emphasis here is on potentially world-changing inventions and developments, although there’s also info on things like eco eating, plus a beautiful slide show section, bound to get you oohing and ahhing.


We’ve mentioned eco clothes catalogue Rapanui recently, and it most definitely deserves a place in our list. The Isle of Wight eco fashion company specialises in trendy threads for both men and women. Designs are particularly levelled at younger adults, although there’s plainer/smarter stuff too, as well as eco socks and pants!


Freecycle doesn’t just help the environment – it helps users get rid of unwanted clutter, or otherwise, pick up items for free. Simply sign up to a Freecycle group near you, and start clearing out the shed or attic without feeling the guilt you have when going to the dump. Otherwise, you might be able to find someone in the neighbourhood who has that exact table or piano you were looking for. Very, very useful website.


If you think the world of eco-friendliness can seem a bit dry and humourless at times, visit Grist. This wonderful eco site is jam-packed with new and opinions on the subject, which are well-observed and witty. Recent subjects on Grist include Here are the first-ever photos of the “unicorn of the sea” (maybe) and America could be vegan by 2050, says lady totally out of touch with America. You get the picture.

 Friends of the Earth

There are lots of eco set-ups you can join and help, although we particularly like Friends of the Earth. They’re a major organization, with many laudable campaigns going on right now. Among them are The Bee Cause, Make It Better and Clean British Energy. The Friends of the Earth website tells you how to get involved, and also has great tips such as Six chicken recipe ideas that’ll make a roast last a week and 40 uses for old newspaper.

 Huff Post Green

The Huffington Post is among the best online newspapers, and its green website lives up to the name. Huff Post Green is a smartly compiled collection of news and views from around the world. There’s hard-hitting content; eye-opening articles on climate change and water pollution, and lighter stuff too, like the Best Animal Photos of the Week. Bookmark this site now!

 The Big Eco Directory

Sourcing the right eco blogs to follow is becoming tougher by the day, because more and more keep materializing. Fortunately, The Big Eco Directory has that problem solved; it’s divvied up the crème de la crème of blogs into subcategories, and given each a short description. You can find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all, plus it’s updated regularly.

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