Eco Cleaning Products for Your Own Body

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017

Eco Cleaning Products for Your Own Body

We’ve written plenty of blogs about cleaning your house and workplace in an eco-friendly way. But this week, we thought we’d turn our focus to eco cleaning for human beings! These days, you can find toiletries of just about any description that are made from safe, organic and sustainable materials. Here are some of our faves.


You should always have a decent soap on the side of the sink – your bathroom, and all who use it, will appreciate that. Little Soap Company do a wonderful line in eco-savvy soap bars – ingredients are carefully sourced from sustainable vegetable oil plantations across the world, before being handcrafted by specialists. Try the aromatherapy soaps (the rose geranium is especially wonderful). Prefer liquid soap? Dr Bronners Fair Trade & Organic Pump Soap comes in a plethora of delicious scents, including tea tree, peppermint and lemongrass & lime.

 Hair Products

The task of creating non-synthetic hair products that do as decent a job as the synthetic ones isn’t easy. However, some companies have persisted and ended up excelling. One such brand is Lavera. The ingredients in the gels, mousses and sprays are organic, and judging by reviews, they keep your hair in good shape, too! Organic shampoo is easier to come by, and you’ll find it in most supermarkets and pharmacies. However, we recommend going upmarket and giving the Burt’s Bees range a whirl.

 Teeth & Mouth

For dental care, turn to Dr Organic – a brand you’ll find all over the shelves of Holland and Barrett. They do a range of excitingly flavoured toothpastes (tea tree, aloe vera, pomegranate), plus a couple of excellent mouthwashes to finish off the job. Once your teeth and gums are taken care of, apply some Dr Organic lip balm – we especially love the manuka honey one.


While we’re on the subject of Dr Organic, you might also consider checking out their skincare range (including vitamin E skin lotion, tea tree wet wipes, and pomegranate eye cream). Elsewhere, fill your skin with the Body Shop’s daily moisturiser, or splash out on some Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Moisturiser (this last one’s probably gals only).


No beautifying session is complete without a splash or spray of perfume. Since the 1920s, many of these have been made with lab-created synthetics, but now there’s a resurgence in the organic stuff. Ladies should try Organic Glam Jasmine – expensive, but understandably so when you learn there are 2200lbs of real jasmine flowers in each bottle, and most synthetic alternatives are no way near as good. A slightly more affordable alternative is Parfums Honoré des Prés Nu Green – a luscious combination of cedar, mint and tarragon, that’s 100% organic. Men should give the Florascent Aqua Colonia range a try.

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