Cool Cleaning Gadgets

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Cool Cleaning Gadgets

Keeping a neat household can be a whole lot easier (and sometimes even more fun) with a helping hand from technology. Here’s Spotless’ pick of some of the latest cleaning/tidying boons on the market.

Karcher Window Vac WV 50

You vacuum the carpet, and you vacuum the car… now it’s possible to vacuum your window! The Karcher Window Vacclaims to be the first gadget of its type, and makes for a classy substitute for the old fashioned squeegee. Essentially, this gizmo sucks the moisture out of everything from windows to mirrors to tiles. The results are said to be sparkling.

Plug Hub

“Rid the rat’s nest” is Plug Hub’s motto. What’s the rat’s nest when it’s at home? It’s that unsightly tangle of wires that’s the result of lights, laptops, TV, stereo and everything else that needs plugging in. Plug Hub simply yet brilliantly arranges and hides wires, meaning no more rat’s nest, and no more danger of tripping over. We love it!

Cyber Clean

Are you one of those people who tends to eat lunch over your keyboard? Then Cyber Clean is a must! This antibacterial putty moulds itself in between the crevices of the computer keys, absorbs sandwich crumbs and what-not, and leaves your keyboard looking good as new. We reckon every home and office should have this.

Lenspen Sidekick

Maybe you’re good at keeping your keyboard clean, but have sticky screen troubles instead? Lenspen Sidekick erases greasy fingerprints from iPads and phones as if by magic, ensuring you can watch that episode of Mad Men without having to squint.


Gardens need to be kept tidy too; Automower takes care of the lawn while you chill in a deckchair with a glass of lemonade. Powered from a combination of electric and solar energy, Automower glides across the grass, guided by wires that you’ve set up around the garden perimeter. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Automower sends you a text message if it runs into trouble. Assuming that means it apologises if it accidentally shaves the cat…

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